Don’t just check a box, change employee behavior

Need to implement SOPs, communicate objectives across departments, and support your team’s accountability? Your business needs easy to use tools to reduce errors and take advantage of new opportunities.

Kraken will keep you on track


You only need one easy to use tool for training requirements, checklists and audits, compliance tracking, and reporting. Scale your business effectively, and securely, with Kraken.

Compliance Simplified

Many companies ignore compliance because they don’t have the time or resources to implement good procedures. Kraken changes everything with audits, checklists, automated training reminders, and robust reporting. Get up-to-the-minute data on compliance training and procedures.

Security Simplified

No more chasing down employees to inform & enforce security policies. Kraken provides built-in accountability for security that everyone can use: daily, weekly and ongoing. Many security tools are too advanced for everyday users. Kraken helps you recruit the whole workforce onto Team Security.

Work Simplified

Every business needs to get its core work done, first and foremost. When Governance, Risk & Compliance interfere with work, people tend to drop compliance and ignore risks to the enterprise. Kraken provides tools that make it easier, not harder, to follow correct procedures.

Let’s Get Kraken!

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