Business Assessment

Business Assessment

This assessment will help you evaluate your organization on:

  • ability to scale
  • best practices
  • risk preparedness
  • legal compliance

There are 5 sections with 20 points each. Score your organization for each item as accurately as possible. Base your answers on the organization’s present state.

Training and employee development

[ Training ]
Do you have formal training programs for each of the following?
[ Training ]

How many places would you need to look to find all training documentation for all employees and departments, and all training vendors?

If you have a single system of record for all ducation and training, can a manager or auditor use that system to inspect course certificates and other records to verify that the training was actually done?

Error Reduction

Do you have checklists in place, and are they used, for the following tasks?

Are completed checklists saved and available for report generation, and can management easily see who completed each checklist?

Can all checklists across the organization be easily inspected, evaluated, and if necessary, modified for the evolving needs of the organization?

Can checklists be deployed and modified with no significant delay between the management decision and the employee’s access to checklists?

Can employees manage their own checklists based on changing SOPs, where appropriate?

Internal Audit and Stress Test

Do you have formalized, scheduled internal audits, stress tests, or drills for each of the following?

Can the success or failure of audits, stress tests, and drills in your organization be quantified or graded?

Are the results of any audits, stress tests, and drills immediately visible to management?

Are the schedules for any audits, stress tests, and drills visible to management?

Can the design of any audit checklists be modified to meet evolving needs of the organization, and quickly deployed to the person responsible for performing the audit?

Management Automation

Are employees automatically reminded when they have training, checklists, or audits that are upcoming, due, and past due?

Are managers or administrators automatically notified (escalation) when an employee misses a deadline for training, checklists, or audits?

Is all information about training, checklists, and audits available to management with up to the minute accuracy?

Can management find all information, records, and reports about training, checklists, and audits through a single system of record?

Can training and checklists be automatically assigned to individuals, working groups, and whole departments if needed?

If a person is sick, on vacation, or no longer working for the organization, are their checklists and audit deadlines automatically assigned to another employee or supervisor?

Can management see the status of whole departments or business units in regard to training and audit compliance?

Does your current method of handling training and compliance require significant manual work and management oversight?

Business Continuity

Does the organization have documented Business Continuity Plans (BCP) that anyone can find when they are needed?

Do the Business Continuity Plans (BCP) include training and documented procedures to ensure that business activities continue in the absence of key persons, business locations, infrastructure, and other critical resources?

Do the Business Continuity Plans (BCP) include tests to verify that the organization is ready to seamlessly pick up where it left off in the event of a disruption?

Does the organization have easy to use software to support the implementation of Business Continuity Plans (BCP), and can that software quickly be made available anywhere?

Which of the following does the organization’s existing Business Continuity Planning (BCP) support software implement?