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Systemize Your Training with Kraken

Remember when you could just hire people, and the money poured in? Nope, neither do we. Which is why we make software and automation to help with one of the most critical functions of your organization, training.

With poorly implemented training, your organization’s values, skills, and performance will drift over time. Valuable knowledge and experience may be lost as employees come and go. And perhaps worst of all, risks to the organization will grow, while awareness of those risks decreases. These are all preventable problems.

You’ll learn how you can use Kraken to implement training programs that can be automated, measured, and improved. We’ll discuss remote learning using any LMS (yours or ours) as well as face to face training in a classroom, conference room, or one on one. You’ll see how to make attendance and learning outcomes transparent at any level of management or governance; from the board, to a team supervisor, to an auditor.

The benefits of well-managed training programs include:

  • improved performance
  • better employee retention
  • less employee stress
  • less risk of mistakes that could damage your organization.

Join us and make your workplace better.

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May 20 2021


11:00 am - 11:45 am

Zoom Webinar

Rab Beverly


Rab Beverly
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