Say goodbye to compliance challenges.

Kraken is an easy to use GRC system for your medical practice.

Simple for the whole staff.

If software is hard to use, people just won’t use it. That’s why Kraken is designed with everyone in your medical practice in mind. Kraken is your one, easy to use tool for training requirements, checklists and audits, compliance tracking, and reporting.

Compliance Simplified

Employees ignore compliance when they don’t have the time or tools to follow correct procedures.

Help them meet compliance goals with better workflows, and tools that actually help them get their jobs done.

Management gets up-to-the-minute data on compliance training and procedures.

Security Simplified

Kraken provides built-in accountability that anyone can use.

You define SOPs, and Kraken stays on top of them. Recruit the whole workforce onto Team Security.

Poorly executed policies put patient data at risk. Protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your EHRs with Kraken.

Work Simplified

Medical facilities need to serve their patients, first and foremost.

Part of that service is reducing the risk to patients using standardized procedures.

Implement checklists, inspections, daily procedures, and audits with Kraken. Your patients will thank you.

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Is your organization prepared for disasters? Can it scale and take advantage of new opportunities? Find out how your current training and internal processes affect your business resilience, and your growth potential. Download this free tool to get started.



With Kraken, you can implement standard checklists, or design your own. Make policies and procedures easy to follow. Ensure that work gets done the same way each time. Checklists help you reduce errors while ensuring quality and reliability.


If your procedure manual doesn’t match the way people work in your organization, it’s about as useful as a doorstop. With Kraken, you’ll actually implement your policies and procedures. Track, automate, and report SOPs, security policies, audits, and more. Kraken makes it easy to implement and monitor any process executed by humans.

Compliance Tracking:

Neglecting compliance leaves doors open for lawsuits, injuries, data breach, HIPAA violations, and more. Kraken puts accountability and tracking in place so that mistakes are caught early, before they cost you precious time and capital.

Compliance Reporting:

Guessing can cost thousands in fines and litigation. In the midst of an audit or lawsuit, proof is the ultimate security.

Team Training

Create and assign training programs for individuals, or by department. Easily report on training, regardless of the number of Learning Management Systems (LMS’s), vendors, and internal trainers you use. Having a single system of record for training has never been easier.

User-friendly Platform:

Management software should make work easier, not harder. Kraken empowers your team to be part of the solution.

Let's Get Started.

Get employees at all levels working together. Kraken is your system of record for training, auditing, and compliance.

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