Plans & Pricing


$5 per user per month. Minimum $20. Add or delete users any time.

We automatically reduce the fee to $1 per month for users with no activity and no current requirements to be tracked.

Learning Management System (LMS) hosting is available for a small additional fee.

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Per User
Per Month

Minimum $20 per month. Reduced to $1 per month for inactive users (users with no activity, and no tracked requirements).

LMS for online courses is available for $20 per month minimum additional fee. We’ll bill you $2 for each user enrolled in a course in the LMS in a given month, applied to the $20 minimum. You’ll only be charged for courses we host online; Kraken can also keep track of any number of outside courses and training.

Contact us for enterprise pricing, integrations, consulting, or custom course development.

Get the organization organized

Security Checklists:

Kraken provides security & compliance checklists to take out the guesswork and make it easy to inform & enforce preventative security protocols.

SOPs & Protocols:

Track, automate, and report SOPs & security protocols. Kraken makes it easy to implement and monitor the many SOPs & protocols you are juggling as an MSP and business.

Compliance Tracking:

Because a missed compliance protocol is an open door for a hacker. Kraken puts accountability and tracking in place so that mistakes are caught early, before they cost you precious time and capital.

Compliance Reporting:

Guessing can cost you tens of thousands of dollars in the court of law. Proof is the ultimate security.

Team Training/ Training Tracking:

Manage & monitor externally mandated trainings such as HIPAA compliance, cyber security awareness, and KnowBe4, as well as internally required team member trainings all in one place. Track by individual, group, or training topic. It’s never been easier!

User-friendly Platform:

Security training & protocols shouldn’t be complicated nor interfere with work. Kraken provides a security platform your team can get behind and empowers them to be part of the security solution.


A divided company will fall. Get employees at all levels working toward the same goals. With Kraken, your business will be united in its goals, and resolute against risks.

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