Security. Compliance. Efficiency.

Kraken is an ISMS and GRC system that is easy to set up and use.

Requirements keep employees on track.

Training teaches company procedures.

Audits, inspections, and checklists ensure procedures are followed.

Programs put everything together so that you can assign them to branches or departments.

Get reports on compliance, training, onboarding, and audits, any time, across the organization.

Implement cyber security governance, workplace safety, ISO compliance, and more.

Kraken is the platform your organization has been waiting for.

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Controls are in place. You have up-to-the-minute data on employee training. Your records are ready for the most meticulous auditor.

You don’t wonder if your business is in order. With Kraken, you know.


Get your team on the same page.

Compliance Reporting

Create an audit trail to reduce future risk and liabilities.

Checklists & Audits

Communicate and enforce policies and procedures at a glance.

Training Automation

Track and assign training with just a few clicks.

Chart a course for success

Whatever your role in the organization, Kraken helps you manage training, checklists, and compliance.


Stay on top of ever-changing Governance, Risk & Compliance (GRC) requirements and reporting with an all-in-one management system. Kick complicated to the curb with Kraken.


Get everyone on the same page. Implement SOPs, communicate objectives across departments, and support team accountability. Your business needs easy to use tools to reduce errors and take advantage of new opportunities.
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Is your organization prepared for disasters? Can it scale and take advantage of new opportunities? Find out how your current training and internal processes affect your business resilience, and your growth potential. Download this free tool to get started.

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Get employees at all levels working together. Kraken is your system of record for training, auditing, and compliance.