Management Systems

We can help with many Management Information Systems, whether you need:

  • A trusted admin to take on configuration or reporting workloads
  • Integration between systems
  • Automated reporting
  • Data export/import or backup
  • Maintenance of in-house, legacy, or SaaS systems
  • User or admin training

Management Systems, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems, and Governance Risk and Compliance Systems (GRC) are software systems that may store (variously):

  • operational data
  • customer accounts
  • activity notes
  • labor schedules
  • financial information
  • business continuity procedures
  • audits and compliance trails
  • and other business information...

As a result, these systems are generally of great importance to the enterprise. It's not unusual to see maintenance, security, or configuration (form building, etc) fall behind with these systems. Hiring Industrious Kraken to assist with the workload can protect your business and give you time to focus on strategy and core competencies.